Another New Deal By IDC

IDC is proud to announce yet another deal that has been completed this week. We are so happy that with these games our portfolio of games has hit about 10. We now have controlling stake in 8 of these games and we are proud to announce that our board has decided to up the stake in all of these games in coming year.

Instead of going for new games, we may actually up the stake in these games itself. The idea is that as these games are doing well, we better capitalize on these games itself before valuation goes up even more. We may end up buying 100% stake in a few games and promote them and improve them and later re sell them at higher value.

Some of the games that we bought this week are:

Hill Climb Racing: This is a racing/driving combo game where you are given a nice set of maps, very challenging ones that you must cross in order to win any map. Like we were playing Moon map and it is really tough because your car keeps flying and sometimes you land up at the base of a huge mountain that becomes impossible to cross. We can try different vehicles at different times with these maps and may end up crossing. It is a fun and a challenging game where you will need to spend a lot of time collecting coins. These coins can be used to unlock maps, vehicles and upgrade other vehicles. Now you can either spend your life getting these coins or use our hill climb racing hack – and get tons of coins for free.

Subway Surfers: The next game on our radar is subway surfers. This is a runners game where your character has to run, collect coins and avoid being caught by the police. The basic idea of this game is to go as far as you can without getting caught, as well collect as many coins because coins also add to your score. Coins are also used for buying various upgrades in the game and also used to buy skateboards that help you avoid sudden death. If you are interested in making a very high score, use our subway surfers hack – and get tons of coins, buy tons of skateboards with it and never die again. Make the highest possible score and show off to your friends.

Thank you IDC investors, that is all for today.

IDC Is Gearing Up For Two Game Purchases

Hello fellow investors,

IDC is happy to announce two new game acquisitions this week. IDC has been in talks with the management of these games for quite sometime now and finally the deal has been struck. The news is good for IDC investors because the deal has been struck at quite a bargain. Both the games are doing well but thanks to promoter interest, we have achieved the deals at a really good price.

Actually this is not a 100% acquisition but a stake in the company and with that we bring massive gaming experience. The promoters liked the fact that we are quite experienced and can help the game scale new highs. We came up with a good plan and they liked it and we took off with the deal.

Pixel Gun 3D was the best shooting based multiplayer android game and we had our eyes on the game for quite some time. This is a really fun game which can be played with anyone from around the world. You can also battle with your friends or family and it will be like a pvp match between the two people.

There are a lot of plans we have with respect to this game, a few glitches that we will fix it. There are a few problems in the game like at times players run out of coins, so for that you must go through some pixel gun 3d unlimited coins hack which has the tendency to fetch you coins in your account directly.

The next very interesting game that we are investing into is 8 ball pool. 8 Ball Pool is a really great game that replicates a real Pool Game that you play in a real Pool Table. 8 Ball Pool is a great game that enables you to play pool on your smart phone directly. All you need is an internet connection and you can connect to the server at no time. Now you can even challenge your friends and family and defeat them anytime and anywhere.

Just make sure that you never lose all your coins or you wont be able to play the game ever again. If that happens, come to us, we will redirect your account to a 8 ball pool unlimited coins hack that will not only give you some coins to help you play more games, but also will make sure that you never face this problem again.

We Recently Invested into New Games

Hi Friends, IDC is back with a bang. We accumulated lots of money from our investors in the last few months and we have decided to invest money into a few games this month. In the month of May, we are simply going to go on an investing spree.

Today we are going to discuss two games that we have already finalized our investments on. The basic idea of these investments is simple, maximize revenue by improving the game better. Promote the game using our sources and make more revenue for the company and quickly get our investments back in form of profits.

Pou is a great game we believe. It is a virtual reality game, played by over 10 million players world wide. The moot point of this game is to feel like you are owning a real pet. Your pet POU needs food at regular intervals, needs a shower, needs a good place to sleep and also needs you to play with it.

A pet will get bored if it has nothing to play around with. So it is quite a responsibility. Now without having the mess of a real pet, you can enjoy your virtual pet Pou. Great game to be honest. Some of the companies have also come out with a online hack for pou that promises to deliver unlimited coins instantly to your account.

Clash of Clans is yet another fantastic game that we like. In fact if you remember, we recently invested a small sum of money into the game but today we have decided to double our investments in the game. We started promoting the game big time and that has fantastic results on this game. The active player base has spiked by 20% in last few months and our profits are soaring, so we have decided to invest more into the game and also promote more.

As you know it is a war strategy game where players have to defend their village with defensive towers and walls and with troops they can attack enemy and loot their resources. This game is all about looting others and growing oneself. Growing your village is a must if you want to sustain the onslaught of enemies. If you cannot defend your village, you will never be able to store resources in your account. Try clash of clans gems for free using this fantastic website that has a nice online software that can instantly give you what you want.

Investing Into Your Relationship

As you people know, we always try to talk about investments and money but we almost never realize that best investment one can make is into their relationship. There is no bigger thing than one’s relationship and love. Without love and relationship, no money can be meaningful. Money is there to facilitate your life, keep you more happy and not to turn a sad person into a happy person. If you have nobody around you, where and on whom will you spend money. There is only few things that you can enjoy doing alone but soon you will crave for a partner to enjoy your money with.

Don’t go crazy into earning money that you forget your loved ones and your love partner. We advice you to invest your time and money to keep your relationship healthy and strong. From time to time, our advice has been that one must spend more time with their boyfriend or husband. Close your eyes and try and see if your boyfriend comes into your mind and thoughts. If they do come into your mind and thoughts, do you have sweet things to say to your boyfriend? We firmly believe that if you love someone, you will definitely see their face in your thoughts even with closed eyes and you will definitely have cute things to say to them. Am I right?

Why exactly do we say sweet and cute things to our boyfriends or girlfriends?

A relationship is a bonding of love between two people and love is very needy. Love needs to be told from time to time that you are being taken cared off. When two people love each other, they have to spend time together, talk to each other, hold hands and sit. Do nothing but just be present near each other and that is good enough. The basic concept of love is about spending quality time with each other. Now why saying sweet things to your love partners is important because that is one great way to show to them how much you love them.

If you don’t say anything or spend time with your boyfriend/girlfriend then how will they come to know about how you feel about them or about the relationship? You must express your thoughts from time to time and that is how a relationship continues to be strong and healthy. People who are not able to give time to their relationship often drift apart and break up soon. If you want to be happy in life then you must say sweet and cute things to them.

Investing into Android Games

Today IDC has decided to invest into two very interesting games of recent times. We basically are an investment company, actually we are game investors. We were gamers and we have won millions of dollars worth of prizes in the past. We used that money to develop a few games and we made a billion dollars so far. Now instead of developing games, we are purchasing or buying shares in other game companies and their games.

We believe that we can really make things right by buying out or investing in games and then putting our expertise into making the game better. Every game has potential for improvement and we want to exploit that potential to earn more.

One of the games we are going to invest into is Monster Legends. We like the game because of the concept of breeding. Take a look at monster legends how to breed guide and you will find out how complex the entire thing is. Cheers for the company to think this through. Why we like this concept is for a simple reason and that is, the complex nature of this process. It takes time to breed and nobody knows what you will achieve. 5-10% chance is there for getting a legendary or rare monster and everyone wants that. But only 5 out of 100 trials can get you such a monster and you may have to spend hours to do it. You can imagine the frustration of a player in trying to get a legendary giant. Now this will force people to make use of gems and that is the way the company earns revenue. Interesting stuff?

Now let us look at Clash of Clans where we have already finalized our investment. We are going to invest into this company and make it better for sure. Now what happens in clash of clans? It is a strategy game where you build an army base, an army of troops from your barracks and you send them out on war to raid resources or destroy enemies. If you are able to control your neighborhood, you get money and resources. These resources will help you grow your base into something stronger and that is what will distinguish you from other players as others will fail to destroy your base or loot you. The easiest way to get your hands on these resources is by using free gems. You can also try to learn how to get free clash of clans gems by reading some of these websites. An interesting concept is to do a lot of raiding which we usually do. Raiding helps you get resources and that can be utilized into growing your base. Interesting stuff?

IDC Investments: Gaming Business Trends

As you know us, IDC Investments are one of the larger International Investment firms of this world. We are investing in wide variety of businesses. Our research team has done two wonderful researches and brought out the recent trends in the gaming business. Their research has also done a future analysis of how trend is going to move.

The first research suggests that the console gaming business is picking up big time as a lot of third world countries are developing fast and with increasing pockets they are buying their kids console gaming devices. Xbox and PS4 are seeing rapid growth rates in many of these developing economies and not so much in the developed economies. We are looking to invest into Xbox One‘s latest upcoming gaming console and also it’s important live membership servers. Xbox One is one of the best gaming consoles of 2015 and we expect their trend to continue moving higher. To take our share higher in Xbox Live, we are planning to up the stakes in xbl codes which will certainly help us in being in touch with millions of game players from across the world. As we said Xbox Live is one of the best features of Xbox One and it will be a great investment.

Their second research suggests that single player action adventure games are on the rise. So many games are being developed on that theme, that slowly these games itself are making people sway more towards this theme. Whether you talk about Call of Duty or Assassins Creed or Metal Gear Solid. All these games are doing very well on the charts. All these games are like top games of 20th century. Some other games that did very well few years back are Max Payne and IGI. These days, it is all about graphics, story telling and game play. If you have these three things in a game, it is going to SELL. Recently we purchased one of the companies that does this cheap games download. We are very proud of this investment and now we want to enhance our hold on the gaming industry by buying out a few game franchises and rolling them out exclusively with our new game selling business company.

Games of Interest:

Assassins Creed: We were in love with this game since the day we played some of these games ourselves. We are so fond of this series, specially after playing Brotherhood version. The whole historical story line and their relevance with today’s world is all very exciting. We are thinking of approaching Ubisoft and talk to them regarding investing into their top selling franchise.

FIFA 16: We are big lovers of Football as well. We are playing FIFA since the day they brought out FIFA 99. It was one of our favourite games of all time. Then FIFA kind of took off from there. They welcomed 3D graphics and the realistic approach towards gaming. It was all fun and exciting. Today we stand in a place where FIFA 16 has come. It basically resembles the year 2016 and for the first time they have brought women players into this game. Women athletes were signed up for this exclusively. If you are interested in unlocking women players in this game, try accessing this fifa16 coin generator to unlock some special coins package. With those coins, you will be able to unlock a lot of cool things in this game.

IDC Invests in Limo Services

IDC Perhenians, your leading investment corporation in the world has decided to invest into Limo services next year. This is going to a long term investment, we are trying to bet way into the future and are not looking any instant gains on our investment. The idea behind such an investment is simple, the way people are buying cars, soon there will not be any road left to accommodate more vehicles. This story is not just about US but across the world, rising population is putting heavy pressure on the resources and life is only going to get more difficult unless some magical inventions take place like a travel machine through which one can travel in seconds and then they won’t require any cars on roads.

Limo Services are the future we believe. Our research team has made a big report on how cars are being bought and compared it with the rising stress levels of drivers. We conducted extensive interviews and surveys in NY and NJ city and people told us how they are unhappy with the driving experience this year. Rising amount of cars, less parking spaces is really the mess which is difficult to solve. Many people said that they are now opting to outsource their travel arrangements to a Limo service provider on a regular basis. Some are even mulling about selling away their car for good.

Many of the driving enthusiasts are planning to get transferred to cities and towns where traffic is low and it is more fun to drive in such places. There are still many towns in US which are small and have less vehicular penetration and such towns are good for drivers. But big cities like New York is becoming a nightmare lately. The amount of traffic is unbearable and soon people will be able to cycle and reach destination faster than by sitting in a car.

We are in talks with Limo NJ, a free service provider who has partnered several Limo companies. These guys are helping us get in touch with these service providers and we are expecting good response to our investments. Most of these companies are looking for investors to grow their fleet and expand into other cities and towns, we are just the right person for them. We want to invest and they need investments, it is a great plan. Let’s hope people realise and use these services more instead of buying a car and causing traffic jams on roads.